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Diploma Program for Lymph Therapy Practitioner

Experience of the lymph gland therapy and symptoms

Once the lymph gland therapy around your entire back is performed, the blood clots, the main cause of the disturbance of blood circulation come out through the surface of your skin. In this process, those blood clots are formed into red marks or bruises.

Depending on the location of those blood clots coming out through your skin, diseases are named. For example, if the blood clots appear on the stomach or around the heart of the patient’s body right after the Lymph session, that means, he or she has escalated the blood clots around the stomach or heart. Your entire body can be managed well through the lymph gland therapy, which successfully shrinks down the blood clots every time you receive that therapy. And, most of all, it is completely different from massage.

Acupressure or massage, on the other hand, is not intended to make any contribution to stimulating your blood circulation because the above procedure ends up pressuring your capillary vessels so hard enough to cause more blood clots. This theory can be compared to the playground where grass or weeds do not grow on account of children running around them. To be specific, your body starts sagging further resulting from the frequent massage because the blood clots inside your capillary vessels escalate more.

Our lymph gland therapy, however, transports the immobile blood clots to the lymph gland and veins, and the blood clots keep being stimulated between the cell membrane. In that way, the blood clots are dispersed so that the lymph gland and veins can absorb them, which is how our body is successfully detoxified. Once the blood clots accumulate in a certain internal organ of your body, it should cause the diseases to the affected organ. And after the medical procedure, the blood clots appear with the certain patterns, depending on your diseases and ages.

If the blood clots appear red and clear around your treated area, it indicates your blood circulation as well as your health is improving. If they appear like a sea wave after the therapy, it indicates your lungs and large intestine are already stricken by diseases.

If they appear like blue beans, it indicates your muscles and livers are already stricken by diseases. If they appear like some smudged ink, it indicates the diseases that have already stricken you are highly critical. If they appear like lumps, it means most of your internal organs are infected or stricken by diseases. If none of the bruises or marks ever appears on the treated area of your body, it means your blood clots have escalated deep into your blood vessels for a long time. Diseases vary, depending on how many of the blood clots are concentrated in a certain area of your body. The blood clots are usually concentrated in a certain area of your body, and the following information describes the mystery of our body: ‘manhole’, 5 cheons(front neck, both of the armpits and both of the groins), 4 bang(both of the arms, and groins) 5 cheons are areas of your body where blood clots are the most likely to accumulate and these areas also disturb the blood circulation. These areas are the most crucial enough to function as the sewer(manhole) of your body. And 4 bang is crucial enough to function as the joints of your body, and control 12 meridian systems of your body.

When the blood clots that have escalated under your blood stream appear on your skin in the pattern of red marks or bruises after the therapy, the pain usually accompanies. It is because this lymph gland therapy affects the nerves system, however, once the blood clots are progressively reduced through the lymph gland therapy, you will result in feeling more refreshed.

Any blood clots formed into the red marks or bruises on the treated area of your skin following the therapy fade away within three to six days, and the skins around the treated area by the lymph gland therapy turn lighter. Even women experience their skins turning lighter and are highly pleased about putting on a better makeup.

It is mandatory that the patients need to be provided with the adjustment of the cervical spines following this lymph gland therapy. It is because this adjustment stimulates the nerve network in the positive way. Once you receive this natural lymph gland therapy a few times, it should help your rigid muscles more tender, and your blood streams clearer. Plus, you can confirm that your blood clots are cleared enough to be transformed into the new clean blood stream.

After several sessions of the lymph gland therapy, some people experience the increase of bowel movement, and more urination, which comes with more nasty smell. They also experience gloss at the tip of their nose as well as around the forehead in two to four sessions. And the gloss even spreads from the cheek to the jaw, which is a telltale sign that their health is improving. Some people who have some issues with their health, usually experience the exhaustion, and drowsiness sometime after the session. These are the telltale signs that they need to take a full relaxation after the therapy because this therapy is intended to stimulate your lymph gland system as well as improve your entire internal organs. When you receive this natural lymph gland therapy multiple times, you will find some red marks and bruises, the blood clots that have been escalating under your blood stream appearing on the treated part of your skins. These red marks and bruises mean that some blood clots have been cleared in your blood stream and their colors become lighter as time progresses.

Those patients who have suffered diseases for a short period of time show a speedy recovery, and those who have suffered for less than 10 years are required to experience the lymph gland therapy at least for several months. On the other hand, those suffering for over 10 years are strongly required to have a one-year Lymph Gland Therapy regularly.

For sure, it takes time for all of the 10-year-old cells, including muscles and bones to be completely treated from the diseases. This period is a so-called transformation into a complete recovery through the stimulated blood circulation. In regards to the lymph gland therapy, there is nothing like a miracle, as there is no seed that grows up within a day. There is no way you can have your diseases treated without having your blood clots cleared first, and right after this therapy, you will result in having your blood circulation stimulated. Your bloodstream is marvelous enough to be restored through having the blood clots cleared by itself.

What is the Lymph Therapy?

Science is what we call “the discovery of the order of nature.”

That is, this order of nature is the truth that can’t be changed, no matter how fast the time flows. The water and time flowed in the past, and they do even at the present, as the life and death recycle. And this phenomenon will be repeated even in the future. This flow can be compared to the blood stream inside of your body.

Once we consume food, it needs to be digested and eventually excreted, and once we are born in the beginning, it also means we get to wait for the death. This phenomenon is compared to the blood stream flowing all over our body. Once this blood stream completes its lifespan, it will be renewed. And, it will cause diseases unless it flows properly.

Therefore, it explains that as long as the blood stream is clear of the clots and flows well, it will cure all of the diseases. The cause and treatment of the diseases follow the order of nature and everyone deserves to have their diseases successfully treated.

Our Lymph Therapy is the one that cures and prevents all of the diseases through the order of nature. This Therapy does not require any innovative machine for the first time in the whole world. It usually takes some time to help people understand the Lymph Gland Therapy, as it also requires some time to help people understand how to drive. Without understanding the order of nature, it wouldn’t be worthwhile.

The studying itself doesn’t have any introduction nor conclusion. It takes only a single day of study for you to become a Lymph Therapy Practitioner. Just spending one day studying will make you become a more successful Lymph Therapy Practitioner than working in any other well-equipped general hospital.

You can confirm whether it is true or false. If it is false, it will turn out to be like that very soon. Your disease needs to be fixed by yourself, and your family needs to be protected by you.

With this Lymph Therapy, I wish you would live up to 120 years old.


What is the Lymphatic System?

Understanding the lymphatic system
The lymphatic system consists of organs, ducts, and nodes. It transports a clear fluid called lymph. This fluid distributes immune cells and other factors throughout the body. ?It also interacts with the blood circulatory system to drain fluid from cells and tissues.

The lymphatic system contains immune cells called lymphocytes, which protect the body from antigens (viruses, bacteria, etc.) that invade the body.

Main functions of the lymphatic system
to collect and return interstitial fluid, including plasma protein to the blood, and thus help maintain fluid balance,
to defend the body against disease by producing lymphocytes,?
to absorb lipids from the intestine and transport them to the blood.





1. Human Anatomy (400 hrs)

This course will teach the students the basic structure and composition of nerves, bones, organs, blood circulation of muscles, blood vessels, and blood clots . The specific functions and energetics of major points along these channels will also be examined in detail. This course continues to examine in detail the location and energetics of Lymph Therapy Points.

2. Technique for Lymph Therapy Practitioner (500 Hours)

This course presents lectures, demonstrations and practice in safe Lymph Therapy techniques. ?Students will be introduced to different types of Lymph Therapy techniques, management of Lymph Therapy equipment, sterilization of Lymph Therapy equipment. ?Students will be taught the basic techniques of Lymph Therapy, manipulation and management.

3. Clinical Observation and Practicum (1,040 hours)

This is the final supervised clinical practice of the program. Students review all knowledge and skills acquired to this point, and try to put all the taught treatment methods together to provide treatment to patients in actual clinical cases.




** You can attend this program via on-line or practice it on your own