College of Canada Holistic Natural Medicine


The College was established to promote the development, training and education of the Eastern and Western Botanical Traditional medicine training with extensive study in diagnostics and methods of management including Holistic, Aromatherapy, the Lymph Therapy, and Natural medicine in North America, and to preserve and further develop its professional standing and integration into modern health care practice.

We believe that it is essential that practitioners of Botanical medicine thoroughly understand and have the ability to communicate, and apply the wide variety of theories and techniques of Botanical medicine. Additionally, to create a safe and successful practice and positively represent Botanical medicine in today's Botanical medical culture, the Holistic Practitioners, the Lymph Therapists, Aroma therapists, and Natural medicine practitioners must understand the principles of modern medicine and have the ability to communicate in a professional manner with all health care practitioners.

It is imperative that practitioners with primary care responsibilities have the ability to think critically, challenge traditional theories and practices, and imagine new possibilities. Our CNMCO members should be exposed to the underlying principles of Eastern and Western Botanical medicine in order to anchor their evaluative and critical-thinking skills in a time-tested, accessible Botanical medical system.


Curriculum for Diploma Program


1. Holistic Health Practitioner Training Program

2. Natural Medicine

3. Clean Needle Technique

4. Lymph Therapy Practitioner