CNMCO is the Canadian Natural Medicine Corporation of Ontario.
As a Non-Profit Organization, we are incorporated under the Act permitted under section 129 to pass by laws dealing with matters of internal governance of the corporation, including by-laws to regulate the admission of persons and unincorporated associations as members and the qualifications of the conditions of membership.

Canadian Natural Medicine Corporation of Ontario is a Natural Medicine, Holistic, and Lymph Therapy health institution established to set standards in the areas of education and service in the field.
The highest quality of education in Natural Medicine, Holistic, and Lymph Therapy promotes the highest quality of practitioners. The CNMCO philosophy of health care maintains that every human is entitled to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness, as well as the absence of illness.

The CNMCO holds that education of its members and the general public is a fundamental element to attaining wellness, making informed choices and actively participating in one’s own health.



The Canadian Natural Medicine Corporation of Ontario(CNMCO) is a self regulated professional institution whose function is to serve and protect the general public and animals by ensuring CNMCO members have the highest quality education and provide safe, effective and ethical treatment.



We promote and protect the interests of the public and conserve the rights of those engaged in Natural Medicine, Holistic, and Lymph Therapy. Plus, we also promote uniformity in usage and custom.
Furthermore, we provide education and training about Natural Medicine, Holistic, and Lymph Therapy, and related topics to the public.

Lastly, we also promote the maintenance and improvement of the qualifications and standards of each therapy mentioned above.



-To protect the mutual interests of the general public and CNMCO members.

-To promote public education and awareness of complementary, alternative and holistic medicine, allowing the general public to make informed choices and actively participate in the improvement of health.

-To provide complementary, alternative and holistic service to the general public for the enjoyment of health and wellness, a fundamental right of every human being.

-To promote and protect the interests and conserve the rights of those engaged in Natural Medicine and Incidental Businesses.

-To support persons engaged in the practice and study of complementary, alternative and holistic medicine.

-To promote the maintenance and improvement of the qualifications and standards of the Natural Medicine practice.

-To promote uniformity in usage and custom.

-To provide education and training in Natural Medicine and related topics.

-To encourage ongoing professional education for members through scientific research, teaching methodology and faculty development.

-To ensure all complementary and alternative medical institutions, offering botanical education follow the highest standards in safety and effectiveness, based on a scientific database providing students with information about all known adverse reactions, side effects, nutrient depletion and the recommended dosages and administration.


NATURAL HEALTH is defined by the way we build and maintain our health through our environment, nutrition, and daily activities. Through these practices we can promote our body's inherent ability to heal. A Natural Medicine Practitioner will consider the patient as a whole, analyzing physical, environmental, nutritional and emotional factors, as well as life style. By utilizing all the resources of holistic medicine, including ayurvedic and traditional oriental diagnosis, scientific natural nutrition, needle stimulation (Chim Theory), acupressure, and massage with non mechanical devices, in addition to patient education and self care, people can achieve their individual health goals.

HOLISTIC HEALTH is a philosophy of well-being that considers the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life as closely interconnected. It attempts to cure all three aspects and to promote wholeness and balance in the individual. Holistic health is an approach to life as an ongoing process. The term holistic health refers to using some form of natural therapy that does not include conventional medicine.

HOLISTIC MEDICINE concentrates on the unification of the mind and body, treating the person as a whole, as opposed to individual organs, tissues, joints and bones. Holistic practitioners may utilize all resources of holistic medicine while working with the patient. The importance of self care and preventing illness is stressed by practitioners.

COMPLIMENTARY AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE practices have been used for thousands of years and have great potential through oriental or ayurvedic diagnosis, for reducing the symptoms and complications of disease. Complementary and alternative medicine is a diverse group of medical systems, practices and products that are not considered to be part of conventional medicine. While conventional medicine is often seen to focus on biological aspects of disease, complementary and alternative health care is a more comprehensive approach to health and natural healing. Complementary Medicine such as TKM and Chim Theory is used concurrently with conventional medicine, except in cases of cancer patients receiving chemotherapy treatments. The health outcomes of complementary and alternative practices and services are often broad, and include quality of life as well as clinical improvements.

NATURAL MEDICINE DATABASE is a scientific, comprehensive, up to date curriculum providing clinically relevant information and safety concerns set forth by the database guidelines. The practitioner must practice under the guidelines of the scientific botanical and mineral database.


Terms of Use

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